The city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu is home to our home for children, Divya Orphanage. Since 2003, the home has cared for over 100 children. Divya Orphanage is our only program in Trichy presently.

Divya Orphanage, Trichy


SUPPORTED BY: Multiple partners

We started Divya orphanage in Trichy in 2003 to provide a home for children. It is named after the daughter of Merwin and Shambavi Richard who contributed to its establishment.

The children at Divya are from Trichy and surrounding areas. Many come here because their parents cannot care for them. Some are abandoned. Some are orphaned. They go to school nearby, while in-house tutors help them with their school work and assignments. The children have nutritious meals, clean clothes and recreational facilities at the orphanage. Divya has housed over 113 children till date. In 2015, we had 22 children living here.

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